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A Guide on the Procedures of Rolling a Joint

You may have thought of how weed joints are rolled especially if you are a user of weed. For the best weed joints, there are several steps to be followed when rolling.

To begin with, make sure the weed is in a fine grain form. Do not roll up the whole buds and expect to have a blunt. You can use different methods of pondering the weed flowers. The first option is the use of a grinder. It is less complex to grind the weed buds when a grinder. Scissors can also come at handy when you want to grind the weed buds. There are also cases where people use their hands to ponder weed flowers. Do not roll a joint that has sticks in it. Using hands is therefore not so efficient when grinding the weed buds or flower.

The other thing you should do is look for a filter for the joint. Using a crutch is optional when rolling up a joint. If you do not want to burn your lips in the process of smoking the joint, use a crutch. Filters also help you exhaust all the weed in the joint. You can also use a filter if you do not want the weed to find its way to your mouth. You will find that joint papers come with the crutches in many cases. If you have no filters, then you can modify cardboard into one. All that is needed are a few folds of the cardboard and several rolls.

Then, get the ground weed and spread it on the joint paper. You should have everything needed for the joint ready as you start this whole process. Hence, ensure that you have the papers for rolling the joints. One hand should hold the joint paper in place for the spreading of the weed. The weed should be even on the joint paper. The filter to be used, if any, should be close to your hand. Once the paper is full of weed, you can now start rolling it into the shape you want. You can shape the joint like a cone.

In conclusion, the joint you roll should be well wrapped. The joint paper usually has a sticky end that you can use to wrap the joint. Create a small twist on the end of the weed joint. This will ensure that no weed falls out after you have made the roll. Also, sealing the joint helps in ensuring a good burn. If you follow all these instructions on how to roll a joint, then you will not have a hard time doing it. The choice as to when you want to enjoy the weed joint is all up to you.
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